I have had the pleasure of being a foster carer for GNB for over 6 months now and it one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I did have my reservations at first, I was worried about how my own greyhound would react to a new dog, but most of all, I was concerned that I would become too attached, and be unable to give the foster dog up for adoption. When I saw the picture of little Chance on the GNB Facebook page, I knew I had to put my reservations aside and I had to act. I wasn't sure what I was doing, and I had plenty of questions, but Buffy and Sarah were amazing. Any concerns or questions that I had, Buffy and Sarah were always there to help. I knew that good advice and support was only a phone call away. Chance was with me for 4 weeks, and in that time I was able to watch him grow from a skinny, sickly, uncertain little puppy into a beautiful, healthy, happy boy with a real zest for life.
Ann Tran knew support was always there
Ohana... it means family. No one gets left behind or forgotten. This is the mantra of the busy zoo that I call my life. Becoming a fostering family was a fairly spontaneous decision. There was an SOS sent out on a Facebook page that I follow and I answered the call.  I had limited knowledge of the greyhound breed prior to fostering, yet I couldn't live with the thought that there were hounds out there that needed a safe temporary home. Fostering is one of the best things in my life. My children are learning how rewarding caring for an animal can be. We aren't their furever, but we are the safe path to get there.  Of course, there are tears when they go to their new home, but there are more hounds to rehabilitate and share our home with. To know that I have helped a greyhound have their New Beginning in a home with cuddles and couches, love and lazy days is such a heart warming feeling. No hound left behind.
Elle Stewart leaves no hound behind
I have always wanted to foster greyhounds off the track but I never thought it would be this rewarding and fun. I’ll admit I was nervous at the beginning but Buffy and Sarah were there for my every question. Not only have I fallen in love with this beautiful breed and I have also made some good friends. I can’t wait to help more of these beautiful babies find homes and I know that each will always hold a special place in my heart with their own little personalities. Especially my first foster, Charlie, before he had even arrived home he had made my friend and I laugh so hard we cried, he will always be a special one to me. I highly recommend fostering to anyone who is able to do it. It is so rewarding and these dogs just have so much love to give you just can’t help but love them back. Sorry Buffy you aren’t getting rid of me for a while yet!
Foster hound Charlie
Testimonial from first time foster carer Kate