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A letter to my foster hound by Elle
Dear Jackson
My heart aches for you. All you want is a home with someone to love and care for you. You deserve to live out your golden years on a comfy couch with pats and ear scratches on tap.
In the 8 months that you’ve been in my foster care, there has only been a small amount of interest in helping you find a new home. Being that you are in your twilight years and need a little bit of extra care with eye drops, people seem to see you in the ‘too hard’ basket.
You were dumped at the pound as a means of getting rid of you. We were told that your name was Jacques. A name that you showed no interest or recognition of. I thought that your hearing might be going, so we switched to a hard ‘j’ sound and started calling you Jackson. A name that you still barely recognise, but are coming to associate the word with food or pats, so who said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
The beauty of pedigree dogs is that every litter is recorded. I am grateful that you aren’t scarred by an attempt to hide your ear tattoo. It took a bit of detective work and a slight hunch to find out that I wasn’t looking for a “Jacques” but maybe a “Shark”.
You were “Shark Bite” and you raced with 4 wins out of your 14 races. You then disappeared and have no trainer or owner listed. Was it that you started losing your eyesight then and you weren’t winning enough to warrant treatment?
When we placed you into foster care, I saw a malnourished and shut down hound who shied away from touch and was scared of the world. To watch you play now makes me so happy that you were given the chance to live.
I’m often asked why I don’t adopt you if I’m that passionate about finding you a permanent home. The truth is that I would love to, however if I do, it means that I cannot foster any more hounds, which means more hounds run the risk of paying the ultimate penalty for not being fast enough.
Until we find that perfect home for you, you are safe and you are loved. There will always be a bowl of food, fresh water, soothing eyedrops, love and pats here for you.
The pillow is mine though.
Love is blind and Jackson’s furever home will give him the gift of security which helps visually impaired hounds feel comfortable to retire in style. He’s a George Clooney salt and pepper colour with a gorgeous cat tolerant and child friendly nature.

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 All greyhounds are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. Adoption fees vary between the ages of hounds: Under 12 months old: $1000 | 12 months to 7 years old: $375 | Over 7 years old $300.