Greyhounds New Beginnings – Life After The Track (GNB) is a registered not-for-profit charity that rehomes ex-racing greyhounds that are no longer able to race. GNB have been rehoming greyhounds since 2012.

The goals of GNB are:

  • Finding suitable forever homes for greyhounds who can no longer race or are unsuitable for racing
  • Providing lifetime support to adoptees and foster carers
  • Educating the public about the beautiful nature of the breed and dispelling some common myths and preconceptions.

Greyhounds are lazy, placid, beautiful and sweet dogs. They are well suited to all lifestyles including busy families and senior citizens. While it may be nice to want a particular colour and gender of greyhound, we at GNB prefer to match a dog’s personality to your lifestyle and family dynamics, encompassing any other pets.

The volunteers and foster carers at GNB help to prepare the dogs for their forever homes by teaching them how to become a pet dog. The transition from racer to pet takes a little time and patience. Greyhounds need to get used to a variety of new things in the household environment such as the sound of washing machines, kettles, toasters, ceiling fans and they don’t understand glass doors and pools.

All greyhounds are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. Adoption fees vary between the ages of hounds.

If you are interested in adopting one of our greyhounds please contact us. GNB are contactable by phone, text or email.

Founder/Director: Buffy Ashley 0421 495 220

If the matter is urgent please leave a detailed voicemail or text message and someone will be in contact ASAP. If an injury has occurred please send photos if possible with a size reference, for example a coin next to the injury.

If you would like to place your greyhound with GNB please refer to our Placement Programme for more information.